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Posted by on February 8, 2013

I am going to buy a Winnebago, 1985, but it needs new tires and the lady doesn’t know what size. I need to replace them before I drive it because the current tires are splitting and are very old. Can someone who knows what they are talking about tell me? Thanks A lot. I was happy to learn… There could be a lot of different sizes depending on the size of the wheels. You need to get the seller to look at the tires and read the tire size on the sidewall. It will only take her two minutes, the numbers are molded into the tire itself. There are a lot of different Winnebagos so anything we throw out is a pure guess. Have the lady take a digital pic of the tire and email it to you.

The most complete footage of the “Winnebago Man” in the highest quality possible.

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One Response to Winnebago

  1. Depressed Hall

    Look on the side of the tire – you will see markings similar to “16R——”
    these are the numbers needed for the size of the tire, and unless you know someone who has the capability of changing the tires wherever the motorhome is now, it will have to be driven or towed to a shop that can replace the tires